Cheese Bread

Making bread can seem like a daunting task- blooming yeast, getting temperatures right for rising dough, how many times should you punch the dough down? Is it going to take all day to get a loaf of bread? It definitely doesn't seem like the right choice for baking with a kid. So I have a  work around for you. This week we made a  cheddar quick bread that is fantastic!


Mixing up the dough is very quick and does not require any special equipment. And you can cut down on baking time by making the loaves small. In class we mixed in cheddar cheese, but you can use any kind of cheese that you like. You could add in chives, or crumbled bacon too. It's very customizable- in fact you can even make this bread cheese- free if you’re not into dairy, so even the cheese is optional.  Just remember- if you change the size of the loaves, bake time will change. Our tiny loaves took 30 minutes but a full sized loaf would take about 45-50 minutes. 

So while the bread was baking, we made some butter to spread on it. Have you made butter before? It's simple! Agitate heavy cream until it passes the whipped cream stage and turns into butter!


The kids took turns shaking a mason jar full of cream and a pinch of salt until it turned into butter. It takes about 20-25 minutes of shaking, so it's good to have some friends to share the work. At home you can speed things up by using a hand mixer or a stand mixer, but if you're looking for a job for a group of kids, let them shake the butter for you. They'll love it! 
(p.s. remind them that a glass mason jar needs to be treated with some care!)