Make Pasta With Your Kids

Kids love making pasta. Maybe because it's kind of like playing with play dough? Definitely because it calls for cracking eggs. I've told you this before- kids love to crack eggs! Do you have a pasta roller tucked away in a cupboard somewhere? If so, you're ready to go!

There are many variations of the basic recipe. I like the America's Test Kitchen version, which is as basic as you can get: Flour. Eggs. (And 1/2 teaspoon of water if you must!).  Many basic recipes call for a bit of olive oil or salt. You can also add herbs to the dough. Find a recipe that you like best, dust off your pasta roller and make some pasta!

Here are my tips for pasta making with your kids:

1.  Pasta making is kind of a one-on-one (possibly two) experience. One adult and one kid make a great team! I make pasta occasionally with my 2 kids- I pretty much stand to the side and tell them what to do, but let them work together because three is kind of a crowd when rolling pasta. 

2. Find a stress-free time. Maybe a weekend afternoon or during a school break, find a 2 hour window that doesn't necessarily end with people expecting a meal. That will keep expectations low!


3. Use a food processor instead of mixing the dough with a fork. It looks amazing when you see chefs on T.V. making fresh pasta like that, but people, sometimes you just end up with a pile of smoosh. Use a food processor. You still get the fun of kneading the dough into a smooth ball. 


4. If your dough is sticky at all it will gum up your pasta roller. Dust sticky dough with flour. Until it stops sticking. 

That's about it! Your pasta dough can be made into any number of final product-  I think starting out with fettuccine is a smart idea. You can make a quick sauce while the pasta is resting then buon appetito!