Tiny things are cute!

When I was quite small my dad traveled for work. He would bring something back from his trips for each of us kids. For a while it was dolls, for my sister and me, dressed in traditional clothing: a girl in a dirndl or kimono for example. One time he brought us tiny gumball machines that would fit in a doll house. They had metal legs, and a glass dome and they were filled with tiny little gum balls- or were they just beads? Maybe they were real gum! I had to know! So I took my sister's and broke it open to find out. To my great disappointment I learned they were filled with tiny plastic beads that just looked like gumballs. To add to my disappointment, my parents made me give my gumball machine to my sister to replace the one I broke. My kids love to hear stories like this about the naughty things I did as a kid. To me this story is mostly about my fascination with tiny things. Never mind the fact that I demolished the gumball machine moments after receiving it- I loved that gumball machine! I wanted to collect more tiny things. Strangely, my parents weren't too quick to buy me lots more doll house stuff after the incident. But I remember very clearly being drawn to miniature things. (To this day I can totally see myself getting really in to doll house collecting.) So last week I saw this:

I feel like I may never again get anything done! I will just spend the rest of my life watching videos of someone making tiny food!