Move over, Jell-o!

Juice Bubbles! Essentially what we are doing with agar and fruit juice is making Jell-o. But does your Jell-o do this?


After heating the juice with agar powder we drip it into cold oil. The juice won't mix in with the oil and the cold makes the agar set quickly, so you end up with these little bubbles of juice. You gently remove them from the oil with a slotted spoon, wash them off in cold water, strain them in a mesh sieve, and then eat them. 


They reminded the girls of the boba available as a frozen yogurt topping at someplace like Menchie's, so maybe you want might want to try them like that. You could also pour the juice and agar into a small container and cool it in the fridge. Then you've made home made jell-o to take in school lunches!