Try this at home!

Yesterday we made some really delicious and enormous popovers. They are quite easy and quick to make. And you can talk to your kids about the science behind them! You make a thin batter, very similar to a crêpe batter, pour it into a hot tin and 30 minutes later you have essentially a hollow, crispy, lightly sweet puffed bread product. It's like a balloon made of carbs. It seems kind of magical, doesn't it? The heat of the oven quickly starts to set the outside of the batter into a shell, but the batter was made in a blender, forcing tons of tiny air bubbles into the batter.  As the outside of the popover is firming up all that air is trapped inside. In the hot oven the outside of the popover cooks while the air bubbles inside consolidate and expand, pushing that popover batter sky high in the pan.


The whole thing takes about 40 minutes from when you preheat your pan until you pull the popovers out and dig in. There are no special ingredients needed. You should make some with your kids today! They are delicious with jam for breakfast, could be filled with chicken salad for lunch, and can sub in for a dinner roll.


***Please note that while no knives or cook top are required for this recipe, you pour the batter into a pan that has been heated in the oven. Having a grown up handle the hot tray and supervise the pouring of the batter is a great idea.