Fondue with kids

We have added 30 minutes to our class time. That means we can do things like make cheese and chocolate fondue, prep things to dip in to them, eat them, and clean up all without rushing like maniacs!

I have found that kids like cheddar cheese fondue better than traditional Swiss fondue, so that's what we made in class this week. I adore any kind of melted cheese so I will add 2 recipes for you to try at home. DISCLAIMER: the Swiss fondue recipe is still not totally traditional. It is made with apple cider instead of white wine and kirche. Hey, I cook with kids! But I had to at least acknowledge that any Swiss person worth their pocket knife would complain if I didn't add that disclaimer. 

And one more thing- we ended the meal with chocolate fondue. I must tell you- this is not Swiss. It's an American thing. But it's a delicious American thing. It's too simple for me to type up a formal recipe. I'll just tell you what to do: In a glass bowl mix 12 oz of your favorite chocolate (chopped into small bits or just use chocolate chips) and 1 cup heavy cream. Place the bowl on top of a sauce pan filled with water. Place the sauce pan on the stove and bring the water to a strong simmer. The heat from the boiling water will melt the chocolate without burning it. (This is a double boiler) Stir to combine the heavy cream and dip things into it.