Save this one for Summer

Today I am contemplating wearing fingerless gloves while I type! The wind is blowing, I really need to go get the oil changed in my car, but I don't want to leave my house. It's too cold! (note: it's not that cold.) So why am I thinking about Gazpacho? Why aren't I telling you about some kind of soup made of tomato but hot? I don't know. Oh, wait I just figured it out! There's a gazpacho recipe in my mother-in-law's cookbook on the page just before the spicy sausage soup. Flipping through the book I saw it and it stuck in my head. Aparently I am highly suggestible.  

Do not make this recipe now, but remember it for next summer.  It's amazing! It's called Creamy Gazpacho Andaluz and it's from the America's Test Kitchen Cooking School Cookbook. They really don't want you to have this recipe for free- their site is behind a paywall. I am too lazy to type it out for you, but I found someone else who already had, so follow this link! I will asuage my guilt by plugging their cookbook. This is a cookbook worth owning! I have shelves full of cookbook and many of them are there so I can read through the recipes and marvel at them. I am not actaully going to spend the time and money required to craft those restaurant dishes. I will go to the restaurants and let them cook for me. However, the Cooking School Cookbook is a great source of well thought out, reliable recipes that I know will turn out delicious. It's not for your kids, it's for you. Even if you're not much of a cook, it's for you. 


So this gazpacho recipe- I think you need to make at least a double batch. It's kind of a long process to make the soup- there's draining and straining and pureeing and then you have to refrigerate it until well chilled before serving. Once you go to all of that effort, you are going to want left overs! The good news is you can make it well in advance of when you want to eat it, so plan accordingly and once the weather heats up, make this gazpacho!