Gearing up for the new session!

I've taken a bit of a break from blogging during the Thanksgiving holiday. I posted on social media proof that I really made an effort to include my kids in Thankdgiving dinner prep. I did chase my son out of the kitchen after dropping my heavy duty mandolin on the floor and putting a dent in the hardwood! But then I felt bad, appologised and let him come back to sharpen the carving knife. It turns out that was a mistake, but he didn't hurt himself or others, so we will call it a minor mistake. 

Now that Thanksgiving is over we have 2 stand alone classes coming up: Fondue on December 6th and 7th and Apple Sauce and Cheese straws on December 13th and 14th. Following that we have two Holiday Treasts classes planned during the Winter Break. There are still a few spots for both days- Tuesday December 19th and Wednesday December 20th. These classe are 10:00-11:30 am and your little chefs will bring home a plate of treats along with a jar of hot coco mix all ready to be gifted to friends or family. 

I am also looking ahead to Winter Session, which will begin January 3rd and 4th. Today I have been test baking mini pies. How long does it take to make a tiny pie in a muffin tin? Come and find out! Promo Code EARLYBIRD is still available until December 1st. Hurry today to get 20% off tuition for Winter Session.