Thanksgiving Treats

A week ago I asked the students what kinds of Thanksgiving foods were their favorite. The consensus was: Mashed Potatoes. We decided that our lesson would be learning to make mashed potatoes and our celebration would be decorating cupcakes. 


We started out peeling Yukon Gold potatoes. Our first discovery? The peeler is important! For reasons of practicality we have very affordable peelers in our classroom but let's say they don't give you the smoothest peeling experience. But our students persevered and we ended up with 6 well peeled potatoes. 


Ending the class with potato cutting gave us a good review of our knife safety. Remember 'The Claw". Keep those fingers curled away from the knife blade! 


Cutting the potatoes into a uniform size will help them cook through evenly. You don't want smaller pieces turning into mush while larger pieces are still raw in the center. 


We forced the cooked potatoes through a potato ricer. While it requires a little more muscle than other mashing techniques, I love the texture it gives you- there are no lumps and no danger of turning your potatoes into  gluey-textured mush. After ricing mix in 1/2 cup melted butter, 1/3 cup warm whole milk and salt to taste.


Next we whipped up some yummy gravy and after eating our favorite side dish, we moved on to dessert.

These turkey cupcakes are simple to assemble using frosting, candy corn, milano cookies, orange m&m candies, and chocolate covered sunflower seeds. We used candy melt to affix the candy to the cookies. Happy Thanksgiving! Join us for more classes in December and don't forget- Winter Session starts in January. Wednesday and Thursday classes available.