The end of the Session

I feel like November is a universally hectic month. In addition to the holiday preparations and feeling like I should go to bed at 5 pm because of the setting sun, I have two kid birthdays in November. One down and one to go! I'll probably post something in the next few days about my daughter's birthday- I got her the tiny oven used in the Tiny Kitchen videos and I probably won't be able to resist making a few tiny things!

Today is the last day of the Fall Session. I have had such a great time teaching your kids! We have made some delicious food, learned some new skills, and laughed quite a bit. 

There are a few more stand alone classes coming up in December, so make sure to check those out. Winter Session begins in January. There is a Wednesday class and a Thursday class. Don't forget that there's 20% discount for signing up in November. Use the code EARLYBIRD at checkout. Also I want to remind you that paying online requires a paypal account but if you would rather pay by cash or check, email me and I will give you instructions.