Happy Halloween!

Ok, it's here! Halloween! I hope you're planning on eating something spooky and delicious! The internet is full of ideas for creepy things to eat- hot dogs wrapped in biscuit dough to look like mummies! Pizza dough shaped like a skull and filled with tomato sauce and cheese! Bread sticks that look like severed fingers! 

And that reminds me, tomorrow in our kitchen science class we will talk about how all of our senses work together to inform our taste in food. As much as I think the severed finger bread sticks are clever, could I bring myself to eat one? You eat with your eyes first, the saying goes. We will experiment with our other senses to see if we can determine how much of a role they play in the foods we like or hate. 

There will also be a few other experiments up my sleeve- some molecular gastronomy in the works and a good old fashioned Mentos and Diet Coke fountain. We will talk about chemical vs physical reactions in our experiments. This is probably our funnest class so don't miss out!