Your Tongue does NOT have taste zones!

When I was 17 my mom worked in a kindergarten and I visited her class one day and taught the kids a science lesson on taste. I had a giant tongue cut out of construction paper and we talked about taste buds and how differnent parts of the tongue were sensitive to different tastes- 


We had pictures of different foods cut from magazines and we placed them on the tongue according to their dominant flavor. Afterwards the kids wrote me a thank you card and one of them wrote: "Thank you for teaching us to use our tongues" which was both sweet and maybe a little misleading if you didn't know what I had been doing in there. So maybe you already know this but it turns out IT'S NOT TRUE!!!!!! There are no taste zones on your tongue. You can taste different tastes all over your tongue- and in addition- there are actually taste buds in other parts of your mouth and throat besides your tongue. 

So this week in our Kitchen Science class we won't be learning this bad science about taste buds but we will learn about how your other senses help enhance taste. There will be other fun things too so don't miss out- one more day to sign up