More Sandwiches I like

This week we will be making baked potato soup and a grilled cheese sandwich. Unless you're not a fan of cheese, knowing how to make a grilled cheese sandwich is a life skill that won't take you very long but will greatly improve your life. A grilled cheese made from what ever bread you have on hand and what ever cheese is in your fridge will be delicious. If you're planning ahead to make a grilled cheese, go ahead and get yourself amazing bread, maybe more than one kind of cheese and think about extras you can add on. 


I like challah best for any grilled sandwich but there are many acceptable favorite breads. Have you ever had Grandma Sycamore bread? (I can't link to anything- apparently they have no on-line presence?) It's made in Salt Lake City and not available everywhere, but I have found it in Seattle. It's perfect for a grilled cheese sandwich. Also King's Hawaiian Sweet Bread. 

The best cheese? The whole world is full of delicious cheese options! Pick one or two or three or four that you like and melt well. Not American. I get irritated when I see American cheese on anything. It's not even cheese! 'But it melts and is gooey!' GRRRRR.

(fine, not everyone agrees with me.)

You know what I really love? Thinly sliced apple added to the center of the sandwich, between cheese. And while bacon tastes great, the texture just doesn't feel right to me. But I have a solution for you! Bacon Jam. While I see tons of online bacon jam offers, the original Bacon Jam, I believe comes from Skillet in Seattle (the same place where I had my first Fluffernutter). They sell their jam on Amazon. While finding that link I just saw a fig spread that would probably be fantastic on a grilled cheese sandwich! Trader Joe's used to make some that was pretty good but they discontinued it. Traitor Joe's, I call them.

Tomato on a grilled cheese? No thanks. Do you put it on before grilling? It will make everything soggy. After? You're going to pry your sandwich apart? No! Eat your sandwich with Tomato soup, like nature intended. 

So you butter the outsides of the bread, keep the heat on medium low. Stack your cheese and whatever you like in the middle (I won't judge you for putting tomato in there if you want.) It's true that if you're using cheese that takes a little longer to melt than cheese food product it can take patience to get the melting and browning in sync. Low and slow. If you're cooking with a little buddy they will want to flip the sandwich. I suggest just one slice of cheese and nothing else on the sandwich. That way when the sandwich is ready to flip the bread is already welded together. For your more complex grilled cheese, good luck. Sometimes the sandwich needs a little straightening up after flipping. It happens to the best of us.