We will never make this in class- Peanut Butter Sandwiches

We keep Kitchen Explorers nut free because I am the seriously noble kind of person who doesn't want to accidentally kill off kids with allergies. Heroic of me, I know! That means that any class where we talk about sandwiches will preclude my beloved peanut butter. 

When I was a kid I had a friend named Anne-Marie. We went to school together, rode the school bus together, lived on the same street and spent all of our free time together. We came up with an after school snack that might make your stomach turn, but we loved it! We made peanut butter sandwiches but instead of using honey or jam to complete the sandwich we used pancake syrup. Extra crunchy peanut butter and Mrs. Butterworth's syrup. On white bread. How am I still alive?


I listened to a podcast the other day where the topic of conversation turned to a Fluffernutter sandwich. Apparently in certain parts of our country the Fluffernutter is a staple of childhood. In all of the crazy peanut butter sandwich making of my youth,  I never had a Fluffernutter. While it sounds sounds sickly sweet, you know that I am not one to judge. I ate one for the first time about 6 years ago. I fell so in love! I had a peanut butter, fluff and strawberry jam sandwich on brioche bread that was grilled and served warm. I ate this delicious sandwich at Skillet, a local diner, and looking at their on-line menus, it appears they no longer offer this sandwich. So If I want to eat it- and I do- I will have to make my own! I am in luck- it's a super easy sandwich to make. 

My favorite bread to use for the sandwich is a braided challah. Just like the choosy moms of my childhood, I always buy JIF peanut butter. While there are many superior brands, I stick to Smuckers for strawberry jam. And does the brand of fluff matter? It turns out Fluff is a brand name, so I guess that answers that question! 

Here's what you do: 

Heat a small skillet over medium heat. Cut two slices of challah (not the ends though. You need pieces close to the middle for the optimal sandwich.) Butter the outer faces of the bread with unsalted butter. The interior faces need fluff spread on one side, and peanut butter and jam spread on the other. Sandwich the bread together and cook in the skillet until the bread is golden brown. Flip the sandwich over and cook to brown the second side. Serve warm with a glass of milk.

You could try the peanut butter and pancake syrup sandwich too, if you want but it's probably more of an acquired taste!